Forwarding From Your Leland Account:

At the unix prompt (after you login to your account), type "lelandforward". This runs a program that will automatically set up forwarding. NOTE: .forward files do not work with leland accounts.

Forwarding From Your CMGM Account:

Use a text editor to create a .forward file. If you use pine, you can use pico as your text editor (type "pico .forward"). If you use elm, you can use vi as your editor (type "vi .forward"). Type your new forwarding address in the text file, save the file (as ".forward"), and exit the editor. Your e-mail will automatically be forwarded to the specified address.


It is possible to set up an automatic reply system in leland accounts by typing "lelandvacation". This starts an automatic program that creates an auto-reply message, which can be edited if desired. Senders of incoming mail automatically receive a copy of this message, which usually indicates that you are not checking e-mail regularly for whatever reason and stating when you will again be checking e-mail.