The Stanford CMGM Bioinformatics Resource offers a number of commercial applications to its members at no additional cost. The software is run through a keyserver system, which works as follows: CMGM purchases a number of licenses to run the software; individual labs download the software; each time the software is started, a "key" must be checked out from the keyserver; the number of keys allowed to be checked out is equivalent to the number of licenses purchased, allowing only the number of copies of software purchased to be run simultaneously.

In order to run keyed programs, your lab must be a member of CMGM. In addition, the individual computers that will run the keyed applications must be registered on the keyserver. The following briefly describes the process.

1) Register Your Computer with the Keyserver

a) First, find out your computer's IP address.

b) Fill out the registration form at

c) Wait for e-mail confirmation of registration of the computer(s).

2) Download and Install the Keyclient software

a) Download the software at

When prompted, login using your CMGM identity and password.

b) Install the Keyclient software as directed at the above links.

c) Configure the software. Instructions are provided on the above links. Generally, all you need to do is type in the KeyServer's name or address, which is

3) Download and Install Software

a) Go to the Keyserver webpage at, and click on the tabs at the top of the page for PC Software or Mac software.

b) Download and install applications as directed.